C++ NMPC routine and examples

The more complex examples in the book were computed with our C++ NMPC implementation YANE which can be downloaded from Here we provide the source code of the C++ examples and models used to compute the results displayed in the book.

The example files are contained in a single CMake project which requires

  • gcc-c++ (version >= 4.2.1) using a Unix system or MinGW including pthread using a Windows system
  • make (version >= 3.81)
  • cmake (version >= 2.6)
  • the YANE libraries which are available from the Section "Software" on the YANE download site.
  • the archives containing the source code for the examples which are available from the Section "NMPC Book" on the YANE download site.
A short guide for compiling and executing the code can be found here. In this guide you will also find information about the YANE libraries you will have to install for running the examples.

Please note that you will have to register in order to be able to access all libraries on the YANE dowload site.

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