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Oberseminar in WS 2003/2004

Vortragsankündigungen für das Oberseminar

Im Rahmen unseres gemeinsamen Oberseminars findet folgender Vortrag im S 80 statt:  

Am Freitag, dem 16.01.2004, um 14 Uhr s.t. im S 80, NW II, spricht

Herr Prof. Dr. Dragan Nesic
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
The University of Melbourne (z.Zt. Universität Bayreuth)

über das Thema

"Recent results on control of nonlinear sampled-data systems".


Nowadays most control systems consist of a continuous-time process (such as an aircraft) that is controlled via a digital computer (autopilot). This set-up gives rise to an important class of sampled-data models. While sampled-data systems are prevalent in control engineering practice, there are few systematic methods for controller design in the case when the plant dynamics is nonlinear.

We present a framework for controller design for nonlinear sampled-data systems via their discrete-time models (the discrete-time model can be thought of as a time-T map for the real model). In particular, we present conditions on the approximate discrete-time model, the controller and the continuous-time plant model that guarantee that a controller that stabilizes an approximate model will also stabilize the exact discrete-time model for all sufficiently small sampling periods. To state our results we use an adapted notion of numerical consistency which is borrowed from numerical analysis literature. While our results provide only sufficient conditions, we show that if any one of our conditions is relaxed, we can find counterexamples to the conclusion of our main result.


Prof. Dr. L. Grüne
Prof. Dr. F. Lempio
Prof. Dr. H. J. Pesch
Prof. Dr. K. Schittkowski


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