Various types of documents on the WWW

This page gives an introduction into different types of documents which are available on the World Wide Web (WWW) and shows how links to these documents are realized.

The homepage of the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics has got its own homepage within the WWW-server of the Computing Center of the University of Bayreuth. So far, this service is maintained by members of the DMV-project "Verbesserung des benutzerorientierten Zugriffs auf fachspezifische Online-Datenbanken und CD-ROM".

DVI- and Postscript-documents

Most WWW-clients are able to start previewers like Xdvi and Ghostview so that you can have a look at DVI-files and Postscript-files.

Pictures, movies and sound

In WWW-documents you will find a lot of pictures.
Some pictures are only illustration for the text.

But if you find a picture with a blue border, you can click on it, because it is a link to another document. This picture will soon appear after your mouse click.

Compressed and gzipped Files

These links test, if your Web browser (and this server??) understands compressed and gzipped files and unpacks them automatically. If you are requested to save files and to specify a filename, something went wrong.


Some maintainers of WWW-services allow their users to send them an e-mail. Please do not send any nonsense messages to Myroslav J. Münzer!


This 3D-scene written in VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) will only work, if you have configured your WWW-browser so that a VR-browser like vrweb starts, whenever your browser meets a VRML file.
For other examples, follow the link Legitimated List of VRML objects.
The 3D-car-model and the other gzipped 3D-scene with some geometric figures are provided locally, but don't seem to work.


These links will only work with Netscape 2.0 and higher.
All examples are provided by Netscape Communications Corporation.

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