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Chair of Applied Mathematics



Bayreuther Mathematische Schriften (BMS)
Information on the series published by the Institute of Mathematics

Bibliographic Database Retrieval
Possibilities of bibliographic database retrieval at the University of Bayreuth

Collected mathematical information at the WWW
Comprehensive lists of WWW servers of Department of Mathematics and organizations, software archives as well as lists of publishers, preprint servers and electronic journals are presented. Additionally, some search tools and catalogues of servers are collected here.

List of invited speakers at seminars of the chair

Information about the WAP-Pool Numerical Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
This page provides information about installed software packages, news, ...

Information about Hyper-G
Hyper-G is a new hypertext system which intends to combine the features of WWW, Gopher and FTP.

Internet Tutorial
Some examples of WWW-documents which were used for a course that was hold at the University of Bayreuth.

HTML Management System
The HTML Management System (HMS) is a collection of tools, that supports the creation of HTML pages in distributed environments.

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