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Set-Valued Numerical Analysis

Baier, Robert:
Selection Strategies for Set-Valued Runge-Kutta Methods
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Mengenwertige Integration und die diskrete Approximation erreichbarer Mengen,
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Baier, Robert:
Extrapolation Methods for the Computation of Set-Valued Integrals and Reachable Sets of Linear Differential Inclusions,
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Baier, Robert and Farkhi, Elza:
Directed Sets and Differences of Convex Compact Sets,
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Baier, Robert and Farkhi, Elza:
Differences of Convex Compact Sets in the Space of Directed Sets - Part I: The Space of Directed Sets,
Set-Valued Analysis 9 (3), 2001, pp. 217-245.

Baier, Robert and Farkhi, Elza:
Differences of Convex Compact Sets in the Space of Directed Sets - Part II: Visualization of Directed Sets,
Set-Valued Analysis 9 (3), 2001, pp. 247-272.

Baier, Robert and Lempio, Frank:
Computing Aumann's Integral,
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Baier, Robert and Lempio, Frank:
Approximating Reachable Sets by Extrapolation Methods,
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Set-Valued Discrete Approximation of State-Constrained Differential Inclusions,
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The Implicit Midpoint Rule Applied to Discontinuous Differential Equations,
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Implicit Runge-Kutta methods for differential inclusions,
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Modelling Food Preferences and Viability Constraints,
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Difference Methods with Selection Strategies for Differential Inclusions,
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Simulating Optimal Plant Biomass Partitioning
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The Numerical Treatment of Differential Inclusions
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Difference Methods for Monotone Differential Inclusions,
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Lempio, Frank:
Modified Euler Methods for Differential Inclusions,
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Difference methods for differential inclusions,
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Set-Valued Interpolation, Differential Inclusions, and Sensitivity in Optimization,
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Euler's Method Revisited,
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Generalized differential equations with strongly one-sided Lipschitzian right-hand side.
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Discrete Approximations of Differential Inclusions.
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Lempio, Frank and Veliov, Vladimir:
Discrete Approximations of Differential Inclusions.
GAMM-Mitteilungen 21, Heft 2, 1998, pp. 103-135.

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