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The group mainly works on the development and the analysis of numerical methods, particularly for optimization and control problems and for parameter identification of dynamical systems:

Arithmetic Set Operations and their Visualization in Computational Geometry

Main objective of this project is the application of methods of Computational Geometry to problems in Set-Valued Numerical Analysis. Especially, applications to interpolation/approximation/differentiation methods of set-valued mappings are studied. Connections to the computation of reachable sets of differential inclusions and approximation classes like affine, semi-affine or quasi-affine mappings as well as comparisons with several known derivatives are part of the research. One focus of the project lies on different definitions of addition and difference of compact convex sets. These sets are embedded in the space of directed sets, in which commonly used set operations known from Convex Analysis are generalized. Directed sets are recursively constructed from generalized intervals and can always be visualized by boundary parts and corresponding oriented directions.
Coordinator: Dr. Robert Baier

Set-Valued Numerical Analysis

Numerical algorithms for set-valued mappings are developed, analysed theoretically and tested numerically.
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Frank Lempio
Cooperator: Dr. Robert Baier

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